The expert described the possible directions of regulation in robotics

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The state should review customs regulations of robots, rules of certification and to legislate rules for the processing and storage of data, which are available to the robots, the Director for development of the Promobot company for the production of service robots, Oleg Kawakura.

Earlier, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that the state Duma will have time soon to deal with matters regulating the relationship between man and artificial intelligence.

Kisakurek told that in the direction of legislative initiatives in robotics, the company sees five areas that are worth paying attention to: customs regulations, certification rules, data transfer protocols, verification and application of robots in the military-industrial complex.

«In addition, there are many other areas of robotics that require legislative intervention. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the legislative framework needs to be prepared for the new realities of life. We are happy that our government draws attention to it. The most modern legislative framework will enable our country to be one of the leaders in the field of robotics» — he said RIA Novosti.

Today, according to the expert, the robots are classified by customs codes are similar to appliances. «This fact hinders the export and import of robotic products. It is necessary to develop special customs codes, such as is done in China, taking into account the characteristics of exported and imported products,» — said Kawakura.

As for the rules of certification, to bring the product to market, robots must pass the examination of electrical safety and chemical safety. In Europe, however, there are special rules and tolerances for robotic products, said the Agency interlocutor.

«It gives some difficulties to producers of domestic robots, since it is necessary to certify products twice. From the beginning in Russia, as the appliance, then in Europe, as a robot,» said Kawakura.

He is also concerned about the lack of regulation of the procedure for storing the data received by the robot. Most domestic robots, according to him, store the received data on Russian servers. «Where the data is stored overseas robots, it is not yet clear,» — said the expert.

«Many robots to communicate and conduct transactions using voice interfaces. To confirm the execution of an operation, the robot asks you to confirm this action orally. Unfortunately, this method of verification is not regulated and is not a complete confirmation. It is necessary to equate verbal confirmation to an agreement on the principle of the offer», — said Kawakura.

For use of robots in the military-industrial complex necessary to equip all remote control systems machine the red button «stop» to limit the use of artificial intelligence systems in decision-making about the impact, regulate the automatic sighting system and to develop data transfer protocols, according to the Director of development Promobot.

Russian Promobot company founded in 2013. Produces the eponymous robots designed to work in areas of high congestion of people, in which the robot assists people with navigation, answers questions, translates promotional materials and stores everyone with whom had to communicate. Service robots of the company is represented in ten countries.