The head of the EP expressed concern over «ADH» in the elections in Germany

© AFP 2017 / Tobias SchwarzЛидеры extreme right-wing party Alternative for Germany at a press briefing on 25 September 2017The head of the EP expressed concern over «ADH» in the elections in Germany© AFP 2017 / Tobias Schwarz

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani expressed serious concern in connection with the success of Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Germany the party of right-wing eurosceptics «Alternative for Germany».

«Strengthening the extreme right is a negative signal for Italy. It anticolana, antirecessionary party that considers us almost as inferior,» said Tajani on Monday in a popular TV program Uno Mattina.

In this regard, the head of the EP stressed the need for more active role of Rome in European politics. «I hope that finally, in political terms, the presence of Italy will be more serious. The results of the German elections forced Italy to become one of the main actors, in order to have a more balanced Europe, a Europe that looks to the future», — said the politician.

Elections to the Bundestag were held in Germany on September 24. According to the final party Alliance CDU/CSU led by Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading with 33% (246 seats in the Bundestag), but this is its worst result since 1949. The social democratic party of Germany (SPD) led by Martin Schulz gets to 20.5% (153 places), showing the worst result in history. Right «Alternative for Germany» was first held in the German Parliament with 12.6% and immediately become the third force in Bundestag (94). The liberal Free democratic party (FDP) receives 10.7 percent (80 seats), the «Left» — 9,2% (69 seats) and «Green» — 8,9% (67 seats).