The Ombudsman asked to «leave alone» a family killed in road accident in Balashikha boy

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotomontaggi beneficial, accused in an accident in Balashikha, which killed six-year-old boy. Archival photoThe Ombudsman asked to «leave alone» a family killed in road accident in Balashikha boy© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The children’s Ombudsman of Moscow region Ksenia Mironova called for an end to seek new details about the dead in the accident in Balashikha the boy and his family, reports the press service of the Ombudsman.

Resonant road accident has occurred in Balashikha April 23: a local resident Olga beneficial driving a car knocked down six year old boy. Initial examination revealed alcohol in the blood of the boy, and in the dose «to a strong degree of intoxication».

In fact PE initiated two criminal cases: about the accident (leads the police) and of negligence during the examination (deals with the Investigative Committee). Originally alisova was released under recognizance not to leave, but after the legend to publicity she was taken into custody: the investigator determined that she was not at a fixed address.

Informed «The» has published the psycho-pedagogical characteristics of the child, died in an accident in Balashikha. The publication reports that according to independent medical examiner, all written in the description, it falls under the description of an autism spectrum disorder.

«Did the baby any peculiarities of health or not, is now irrelevant! All attempts to divert the investigation away, to find new facts from his life is meaningless. Leave the family alone and stop blackening the reputation of the parents and the child! Woman to make impact, should be punished! We will send a request to the SC of the Russian Federation with the request to inform on an investigation into malpractice during the examination. It should be completed,» said Mironova.