Coach of the Primorsky aquarium will be fired for beating gregarious walrus Misha

© Fotolia / Vasily SmirnovМорж. Archival photoCoach of the Primorsky aquarium will be fired for beating gregarious walrus Misha© Fotolia / Vasily Smirnov

Coach of the Primorsky Oceanarium in Vladivostok will be dismissed for the fact that he used physical force to walrus that wanted to hang out with sea lions, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the aquarium, Elena Molchanova.

«On Saturday after the morning presentation walrus Mike, passing the pool with the seals, tried to communicate with them. Misha is very friendly and curious, but the 800-pound animal could accidentally flatten or imbedded cats. The situation was freelance. Trying to resolve it, the coach violated professional ethics,» said Molchanov.

According to her, the employee will be dismissed. No injuries walrus is not done, the animal involved in the performances.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the information that the coach was drunk. A representative of the aquarium denied it.

«The fact that the coach was drunk, not true. In dolphinariums strict permit system and increased security measures. In this state, the coach just couldn’t get to work», — said Molchanov.

This is not the first incident with the animals in the aquarium. At the weekend it became known that they killed the whale. She got tangled in the rigging kotorue brought into the enclosure in open water. Earlier in the aquarium killed three Dolphin-belobochka and the Steller sea lion, brought from Sakhalin. In addition, killed two walrus and Belukha. In this regard, the RF IC in the region had passed in the court case of negligence of the former acting managing Director of the seaside aquarium.