Expert: working-age population in Russia will grow from 2020

© Photo : Anton Matveevici. Archive photoExpert: working-age population in Russia will grow from 2020© Photo : Anton Matveev

The equator of the drop of population in working age is passed, the deceleration will occur in the near future, and by 2020 the dynamics will go on increasing, said RIA Novosti Professor at the Higher school of economy Andrey Korotayev.

The Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin, speaking at the first conference of regional managers of Vnesheconombank, said that the situation of able-bodied population in Russia in the coming years will be difficult, as the demographic situation remains dire.

«This process is not entirely new, he is a few years, it is the result of a precipitous decline in the birth rate between the 87th and 93rd year, when the number of births almost halved. Now to the labour market out of a small cohort of the nineties,» explained Korotayev.

He noted that nothing can be done, and such a situation can adapt, but the process will start slowing soon.

«A precipitous decline in the birth rate continued until 1993, then through the years, various indicators — the lowest level we have is the 99-th year, but do not fundamentally lower than 93-year», — said the expert.

«Since 99, the year the birthrate went up a few, and from 2007 began to grow very quickly. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight — twenties will start a reverse trend on the labor market will begin to emerge more and more numerous generation. This process of a precipitous decline across the equator is crossed, a few years this will continue, but will be more and more slow,» concluded Korotayev.