«Gals-development» is launched with a song from the Soviet film

© Photo courtesy of the company «gals-development»gals-development started advertising with song of the Soviet film«Gals-development» is launched with a song from the Soviet film© photo courtesy of the company «gals-development»

Company «gals-development» has launched a new advertising campaign «the city is ours with thee», meaning the steel lines of the legendary song «Alexandra» from the movie «Moscow does not believe in tears» (1980, directed by Vladimir Menshov), according to a press release from the developer.

Campaign promotes residential areas business-class «Heritage», «Heritage» city block premium «spark Park» will run until January 2018 and will cover the main business, entertainment and information radio station, more than 100 points of outdoor advertising, including digital formats, as well as popular Internet sites.

The campaign will take part Varvara Vizbor — Russian singer and radio host, is the granddaughter of Yuri Vizbor, said «gals-development».

«For Moscow architecture of the 30-50-ies, which we revive in our projects, art is typical information, and deep emotional-educational power. The mission of the new campaign is to re — create in the memory of contemporaries the spirit of the great era, the history of our city the second half of the twentieth century. In various advertising formats we synthesized two kinds of art — architecture and music to create the image of that of Moscow, which we remember in black-and-white photos and favorite Soviet films,» — are reported comment of a senior Vice-President of «gals-development» Leonid Kaprov.

«Gals-development» is in the TOP 5 largest developers of Moscow, the total volume of development projects is 1.6 million square meters.