In Voronezh have killed the teenager, trying to make selfi on skyscraper construction

© Fotolia / pixelaeСелфи-stick. Archival photoIn Voronezh have killed the teenager, trying to make selfi on skyscraper construction© Fotolia / pixelae

SK finds out circumstances of death of 15-year-old boy in Voronezh, which climbed to the upper floors under construction high-rise building to take a photo, and fell down, said on Tuesday regional management SK the Russian Federation.

The incident occurred late on the evening of September 24, however, the result informs about it just now. According to him, the 15-year-old youngster together with other youngsters came to the construction site of houses along the street Shishkov.

«Taking advantage of the absence of fences and guards, the Teens went to the specified object construction, intending to take a picture. Being on the upper floors of one of the unfinished high-rise buildings, but not below the floor 13, a 15-year-old boy inadvertently fell to the first floor, receiving injuries from which he died», — stated in the message.

In fact the incident a criminal case under article «causing death on imprudence». The sanction of this article provides till two years of imprisonment.

«The investigation… has appointed a forensic examination to establish the exact cause of death of the minor, claimed and attached to the criminal case information about the Builder of the object and entities which on the basis of contracts in the period performed construction work, sequestered from the construction documents,» — said the acting head of the investigative Department for the Central district of Voronezh regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation Evgeniy Agapov.