Metamaterials: how to create matter from non-existent properties

© Photo : nust «MISIS»Equipment of the laboratory of Superconducting metamaterials MISIS involved in the study of metamaterials and the creation of a quantum computerMetamaterials: how to create matter from non-existent properties© Photo : nust «MISIS»

Saint — RIA Novosti, Olga Kolentsova. Sometimes modern technology can be mistaken for magic. Only instead of magic works an exact science. One of the areas of research, the results of which could serve as the illustration of the properties of the «magic attributes», is the development and creation of metamaterials.From a purely physical point of view, metamaterial are artificially formed and specially built structure, with unattainable in the nature of electromagnetic or optical properties. Last not even determined by the characteristics of their constituent substances, namely structure. Because of the similar materials to build houses similar in appearance, but one will have excellent soundproofing, and in the other you will hear even the breath of the neighbor from across the hall. What is the secret? Only in the ability of the Builder to use funds.

However, while invisible in the optical range can only do the micro-object.

The ability to create material with negative refraction angle predicted in 1967 the Soviet physicist Victor Veselago, but only now appeared the first samples of the real structures with such properties. Due to the negative angle of refraction, light rays bend around the object, making it invisible. Thus, the observer sees only what happens behind wearing the «wonderful» coat.

© Photo : Xiang Zhang group, Berkeley Lab/UC BerkeleyТак the artist imagined nanoplex of darknessMetamaterials: how to create matter from non-existent properties© Photo : Xiang Zhang group, Berkeley Lab/UC BerkeleyТак the artist imagined nanoplus invisibility

Recent advances in optical metamaterials belongs to the Russian scientists of nust «MISIS». And the «ingredients» used the ordinary — air, glass and water. The work of scientists has been published in one of the most highly rated journals in the world Scientific Reports Nature publishing house.


© Nust «MISIS»Alexey Basharin, associate Professor nust «MISIS», candidate of technical SciencesMetamaterials: how to create matter from non-existent properties© nust «MISIS»Alexey Basharin, associate Professor nust «MISIS», candidate of technical Sciences

«To study metamaterials in the optical range is very expensive and difficult, each sample can cost thousands of euros — said researcher of laboratory «Superconducting metamaterials» nust «Misa», candidate of technical Sciences Alexey Basharin. — Besides, the probability of error in the molding of such a system is very high, even with the most high-precision instruments. However, if you create more large-scale material, which will not optical (400-700 nm) and radio waves (length 7-8 cm), the physics of such scaling will not change, but the technology of their creation will become easier.»

Studying the properties of the generated structures, the authors showed that this type of substances has several practical applications. First of all, the sensors of complex molecules, getting into the field of metamaterial, begin to glow. This way you can identify even single molecules that could potentially significantly impact the development of, for example, of forensic science. In addition, this metamaterial can be used as a filter, distinguishing it from the incident radiation is light of a certain length. Yet it is applicable as a basis for creating a highly reliable magnetic memory, because the cell structure of the metamaterial does not allow them to peremagnichivanii each other and thus to lose information.