MOR gave the Moscow region a new mobile colaboratori

© Photo : press service of Mnemoscience refinery. Archive photoMOR gave the Moscow region a new mobile colaboratori© Photo : press service of the Moscow refinery

Moscow refinery donated to the Ministry of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region a new mobile laboratory for environmental monitoring for detecting air pollutants, reports a press-service of the company.

«The laboratory is equipped with modern systems for detecting air pollutants, including hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, methane, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide. For operational processing of the results of on Board computer equipment with Internet access. Meteorological data is collected by an automatic weather station», — stated in the message.

The mobile lab will be included in a modern environmental monitoring system, which is created in the Moscow region on the basis of GUP MO «Ekosistema».

The Moscow refinery is more than two thousand people, many of whom live in neighbouring districts of the Moscow region, so MNPZ care about the environmental situation on this territory,» — are reported words of the General Director of the plant Arcadia Egizaryan.

In MOR added that one of the results of the program of modernization of the plant, which in 2011 is «Gazprom Neft», was its inclusion into the monitoring system. On borders of sanitary-protective zone of the plant placed automated control of gas contamination «Mosekomonitoring». At the plant and within the sanitary protective zones are selected daily air samples. All information is provided to the Supervisory authorities and published in the public domain.

In 2015 Mozyr oil refinery was the first among the oil refineries of Russia) implements an automated system of monitoring of atmospheric air according to the recommendations of the state regulator.

As a result of the modernization, the plant is already 50% reduced the impact of production on the environment, including 36% reduce the flow of pollutants into the atmosphere. In the second stage of modernization by 2020, the environmental impact will be reduced by 50%. The volume of investments in modernization projects is 250 billion rubles, said the press service.