Mufti: the situation of Muslims in Myanmar artificially warmed media

© AP Photo / Bernat Imaptience on the border Tejava after moving from Myanmar. 2 September 2017Mufti: the situation of Muslims in Myanmar artificially warmed media© AP Photo / Bernat Armangue

The situation around what is happening in Myanmar, «artificially heated» the world’s media that leads to the unauthorized rallies, said Tuesday the head of the Spiritual Council of Muslims (DSM) of Russia, mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov.

Krganov, who is also a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, took part in the presentation in MIA «Russia today» annual report of the Russian Association for the protection of religious freedom (RARF) «Freedom of conscience and religious intolerance in the modern world».

Answering a question from one of the participants briefing about the current situation in Myanmar, the mufti noted that religious leaders are «very concerned about what is happening there today».

In Rakhine state in Myanmar military and security forces since the end of August carried out an operation against Islamic militants living there are ethnic Rohingya (Rohingya), whose representatives, ethnic Bengalis, in Myanmar, considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denies most of them citizenship.

«The situation is artificially warmed up»

«We share the bitterness of believers and the suffering of today has been and the civilian population. At the same time, it turned out that not all the information is true, it turned out that a lot of «fakes», including the photos (from Myanmar – ed.) that were used. The situation is artificially warmed up in the international media space; we see that warming up and intramuslim community in Russia», — said Krganov.

He noted that no way to greet the past in Moscow and some other major cities of the country inconsistent rallies.

«Understanding the pain of our brothers and sisters, we are encouraged not to go, not to participate in such events because often it happens that come provocateurs, which are not of this environment, and they have put the organizers in a very bad light,» — said the mufti.

However, he noted that the mass rally in support of the suffering of the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar, held recently in Chechnya, is «quite different» because the action was authorized and took place under the supervision of the local mufti and the head of the region.

Earlier in the center of Grozny held a mass rally in support of Muslims-Rohingya. The participants delivered a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request «to use all the authority in the world» to stop the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar.

However, Krganov said that earlier some of the leading Islamic religious organizations came with the case, urging the world community to calm down and «not to escalate the situation.»

«Unfortunately, it was not heard – there is a kind of brainwashing. But kill not only there (in Myanmar — ed.). We wonder why, in Moscow these hot guys could not get the rally when we saw the horrible footage as ISIS (banned in Russia organization — ed.) killed our brothers? That is, here there is interference, play on the feelings of believers, the politicization of the situation. There is a massive attack on the minds of the people through the media, and unfortunately, people give in,» said the mufti.

According to him, religious leaders in Russia has always called for peace. Existing in the country of inter-religious peace is «very fragile,» said Krganov, asking the faithful «to remain vigilant», and the government is «alive to» the unlawful actions.

«If the government will not pay attention to these, at first glance, small signals, then they can grow, and here it is necessary very clearly to respond where necessary — you clearly need to stop it, otherwise something that we all cherish together, we can easily lose», he concluded.

Report to the RAFS on Myanmar

In the annual report RARF «Freedom of conscience and religious intolerance in the modern world», in particular, says that for the 2016 year, there were «many cases of violence by Buddhists against the Muslims of Burma» (Myanmar), but at the same time «were noted in cases of attacks by Muslims on Buddhist settlement.»

As previously reported, the operation against Muslims in Myanmar began after the militant Rohingya on August 25 conducted a coordinated attack on several police posts and army barracks in Rakhine state. Nearly 400 people were killed, 123 thousands have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh.

The authors of the report also draw attention to the fact that on 9 October 2016 300 men armed with knives and machetes, crossed the border of Burma and Bangladesh and attacked the Burmese border post of three, then nine border guards were brutally killed; two days later from an ambush, was shot four Burmese soldier. In response, Burmese authorities announced the creation of a militia from the local Buddhists, and started a full-scale military operation with the support of the army and security services «to sweep» of the territory.

The authors of the report, the RARF also bring the view of the famous orientalist and blogger Peter Kozma living in Myanmar, that «in the world media theme exclusively affected Muslims and says nothing about the Buddhists.» The expert believes that «such one-sided coverage of the conflict has given birth to Myanmar Buddhists feeling besieged fortress», and this, in his words, «a direct path to radicalism.»

However, the report notes that «the actions of the security forces was accompanied by repressive measures against not only armed groups, but also to the local population (Muslims-Rohingya)». In place operations are not allowed human rights activists, humanitarian assistance and media representatives.