On Kolyma have created eight specially protected territories

© Flickr / frage23Колыма. Archival photoOn Kolyma have created eight specially protected territories© Flickr / frage23

Governor of Magadan region Vladimir pecheniy has signed the decree of the government of region about the statement of borders and the definition of the regime of special protection of territories of nature monuments of regional importance on the eight territories of Kolyma, said on Tuesday the regional government.

«The special status of received objects «Native», «Elandinsky», «Castle», «Motylewski», «Omolonskiy», «Samanski», «Taskanskoe» and «Khasynskiy». There are now officially banned the activities entailing the violation of conservation of monuments of nature. For example, the use of toxic chemicals for forest protection, including for research purposes, as well as felling of forest plantations», — stated in the message.

Explain that all objects included in the number of protected and unique. Monuments of nature become a hallmark of the tourism potential of the Magadan region.

«Peak Native (2287 metres) — one of the highest peaks of the mountain massif of the Great Angachak and the entire Magadan region. It is located in one of the southernmost chains of the Chersky ridge on the border of the yagodninsky, and Tenkinsky district. On the plot grows 65 species of vascular plants and 17 in the immediate vicinity. A feature of the natural monument is the presence of mountain-tundra vegetation with single shrubs of dwarf Siberian pine at altitudes in excess of 1800-2000 meters above sea level, which is not typical for other mountain ranges in the upper reaches of the Kolyma river,» adds the Agency.