«Pope Francis is a heretic!»: trump’s allies are preparing to split the Vatican

© AFP 2017 / Vincenzo PintoПапа Roman Francis«Pope Francis is a heretic!»: trump’s allies are preparing to split the Vatican© AFP 2017 / Vincenzo PintoАнтон of Skripunov

«The Pope is a heretic!» — more than half a century has not thrown Catholics such allegations the head of his Church. And then just a few dozen theologians and priests publicly accused Pope Francis of ultra-liberalism. And to cover up this scandal possible: the authors of the document — a prominent Church figures, among them even the former head of the Vatican Bank Tedeschi Ettore. While just a few hours before the publication of treatment himself vicar of the Holy see accused the Catholic priests of pedophilia indulgence and reluctance to help migrants.

About how the Vatican was faced with the threat of schism and the role played by Putin and trump in the material RIA Novosti.

An old enemy

The detonator of the scandal is the third Encyclical of Pope Francis Amoris laetitia (Joy of love. — Approx. ed.), devoted to the family. In it, the Pontiff, for example, allows divorced spouses to participate in Church sacraments. This liberalism in the spirit of the Protestant churches from the first Jesuit papal certainly did not expect.

«The publication Amoris laetitia… brought upon the Church and the world the scandal involving faith and morals. Consequently, heresy and other errors spread within the Church,» — outraged the drafters of the document, pretentiously called «Synonymy the orders.»

Meanwhile, since 1870, the Pope officially recognized as infallible, and his texts are not private opinion, but a kind of revelation received by the successor of the Apostle Peter. It is this infallibility of the Pontiff, which became one of the dogmas of the Catholic Church, and question the authors of «Orders.»

Italian newspaper La Stampa have noticed that the rhetoric of the proclamation speaks of participation in this venture the old enemy of Pope Francis and the American cardinal Raymond Burke.

Dad vs trump

The Archbishop of St. Louis Raymond Leo Burke is the most influential Catholic in the United States. The former head of the Supreme Tribunal of the Vatican just a couple of years managed to unite around itself all dissatisfied with the «Pope Bergoglio», which, once quipped the cardinal made the Church «a ship without a rudder». The cardinal has never hidden his dislike to the current ruler of the Vatican. He even — in defiance of an unwritten Vatican rule «to be modest» — deliberately appearing in public in the most expensive dresses, emphasizing their independence.

«In the traditionalist world, Burke is seen as a hero,» said the religious scholar Sandro Magister in an interview with The Daily Beast.

And when Pope Francis for the first time (in March 2016) publicly questioned the fact that trump is a Christian, cardinal Burke offered the candidate their help. His Association with trump, according to U.S. media, passed through Steve Bannon (after the election, he’ll be the main strategist of the White house).

Recall that Catholics are 22% of the US population. The most conservative of them, white Catholics, according to the authoritative Pew research center, played a decisive role in the victory trump.

After the U.S. elections, cardinal Burke has moved in a decisive attack, along with several American cardinals denouncing the Pope in support of gays. The answer of the Pope was not long in coming: in early 2017, it deprived the order of Malta of its leaders — stooges American cardinal.

It is against this background took place the first personal meeting of Pope Francis with Donald trump. And welcoming and friendly the Pontiff at this time was unusually dull, and journalists dubbed this meeting «the most bizarre in history.»

Sin of the father

American Catholics have almost a year to accuse Pope Francis of the worst, in their view, sin — the rapprochement with Putin. They were especially angry about the words of the Pontiff that the Russian President is «the only politicians who defended the Christians in the Middle East.»

Fueled outrage and the first official visit of Vatican’s Secretary of state Pietro parolin in Russia. In the pages of foreign publications started a debate on the topic: «Why peace Pope Francis prays for the increasingly bellicose Putin?» Newspaper the Politico and all wondered: «Why the Pope loves the Russian President?» Jacopo’s Scaramucci. One expert of La Stampa, the Vatican knows, put forward his version: Putin and the Pope want to «unite Christians.» As members of the «conservative wing» of the Roman Church is strongly against flirting «Apostle of Rome» with other faiths.

In the end the Holy see for a month already shaken by scandals: the third face of the state and chief Inquisitor turned out to be pedophiles, against the Pope himself joined prominent scholars. Do enemies Francis really looking for opportunities to shift?

«Most Catholic theologians and experts in Canon law — though not all — agree that in the Church there is no legitimate enforcement mechanism «sending» Pope to resign», — said Secretary of the coordinating Council of the Catholic Association Una Voce Russia, historian Ivan Fadeev.

In the best case, the enemies of the Pope can count on the fact that he recognizes the error of his statements, as did, for example, John XXII in the fourteenth century. But if you look at how Francis responds to criticism of his controversial statements, this is an unlikely scenario.

Another option is to force the Pope to retire voluntarily. However, judging by how active he promotes the idea of lustration of the Catholic clergy, it is also unlikely to happen.

The third option is to appeal to past experience: when in 1870 was passed the dogma of papal infallibility in the Catholic Church was split. And today, this development does not seem a fantasy — displacement of Pope Francis want more and more influential people.