Putin will meet with members of the HRC presidential 30 Oct

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A traditional meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with members of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) to be held this year on 30 October, the agenda is already pre-determined, reported RIA Novosti Deputy head of the HRC Evgeny Bobrov.

«Thirtieth October there will be a meeting. The agenda is already pre-is, there will be four of the main report,» said beavers. He said that the agenda will be discussed at the Presidium of the HRC is closer to the date of the meeting.

The interviewee noted that one of the main will report on the problem of the construction of incinerators that will be made by the head of the Commission for environmental rights Sergey Tsyplenkov.

«The people strongly against, and the Council supports them in this. We will bring our aspirations to the President. It spent 250 billion rubles instead of developing separate collection and recycling,» said beavers.

According to human rights, Russian legislation is focused on waste treatment, in spite of this, we «go our own way instead of doing so, as does the entire civilized world.»

Member of the Board, head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva is expected to speak at the meeting with a report on the problem of violation of rights of representatives of indigenous churches that do not belong to the major religions, said Deputy head of the HRC.

«A separate presentation will focus on perpetuating of memory of victims of political repression, as in the day – I don’t know, with the President or without it – will open a monument to Sakharov Avenue,» — said Bobrov.

A report on the subject of commemorating the victims of repression during the meeting with the President will be the head of the Commission the HRC on the historical memory of Sergei Karaganov, said the Deputy Chairman of the HRC. One of the basic reports will probably be devoted to the problem of extremism and the tightening of legislation in this area.

Memorial to victims of political repression «Wall of grief» is planned to open in Moscow this year October 30 – the Day of memory of victims of political repression. The monument will be installed at the intersection of Sakharov Avenue and the Garden ring.

Bilateral relief by sculptor Georgy Frangulyan «Wall of grief» was voted the best out of 336 projects who claimed victory in competition on creation of the monument to victims of political repression, established by Gulag history Museum in February last year. Bronze wall with slits, similar to a door composed of many faceless, soaring up figures. Any viewer can become part of this memorial and realize that the tragic consequences of authoritarianism to be concerned about, and the comb could again drift. The project of the memorial is carried out in the framework of the concept of the state policy on perpetuating of victims of political repression.