Scientists have named a new species of spiders in honor of Bernie Sanders and Leonardo DiCaprio

© Photo : Agnarsson labПаук, named in honor of Bernie SandersScientists have named a new species of spiders in honor of Bernie Sanders and Leonardo DiCaprio© Photo : Agnarsson lab

Biologists from the United States opened 15 new species of tropical spiders and called some of them names of the Senator-socialist and candidate for U.S. President Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Description and photographs of the «spider-revolutionary» was published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

«The study of these spiders was one of our student projects. Giving them names, we wanted to honor the names of those people who constantly advocate human rights and actively supported efforts to fight global warming, and just behave wisely,» said Ingi Agnarsson (Agnarsson Ingi), an entomologist from the University of Vermont (USA).

This is not the first species of animal or plant, «inherited» the name from US presidents or other famous figures in the media space. For example, last year a new species of tropical fish was named in honor of Barack Obama, a rare species of parasitic wasps «intermarried» with brad pitt, and the unusual bee from Brazil was named one of the pokemon from the eponymous series of Japanese anime films.

One of the latest such image was immortalized as the current President of the United States, Donald trump, whose name was unusual mole, whose head was decorated with a tuft of scales, resembling the hairstyle of the winning candidate from the Republican party.

Agnarsson and his students observed the name of one of the main opponents of trump in the elections, Bernie Sanders, studying the flora and fauna of the Caribbean Islands. On their territory, as the researchers note, there are tens and hundreds are still unknown to science insects, spiders and other invertebrates, many of which are automatically placed in the Red book after the opening because of their scarcity and uniqueness.

Watching island of spiders, scientists made an unexpected discovery – they were able to find in the Caribbean from 15 previously unknown species of spiders tenetnyky of the genus Spintharus, encountered previously only in Brazil and in Pakistan and is widely known among fans because of the unusual «smiley» on their abdomen. This not only expanded the habitat of these invertebrates, but several times increased the number of known species of spiders of unusual data.

Opening such a large number of new species the entomologist and his team began the difficult task of choosing a name for them. And the scientist, and the students immediately agreed to name one of them in honor of Bernie Sanders, Senator of their state, and then opinions were divided – someone wanted to call spiders in honor of relatives and others after their favorite actors, public figures or musicians.

A large number of new species of spiders have allowed Agnarsson and his team to implement all these whims. Besides Sanders, the scientists observed the names of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Spintharus leonardodicaprioi), naturalist and science popularizer David Attenborough (Spintharus davidattenboroughi), Barack Obama (Spintharus barackobamai), Michelle Obama (Spintharus michelleobamaae) and singer David Bowie (Spintharus davidbowiei), who died last year.