She has told about the fight of tourists by hotel staff in Turkey

© RIA Novosti / Alain Palayankottai. Archival photoShe has told about the fight of tourists by hotel staff in Turkey© RIA Novosti / Alain Polajenko

The party fights the Ural tourists with hotel staff in Turkey, told RIA Novosti that the fight broke out because of a conflict with the bartender and turned into beating the Russians: according to her, people were beaten to blood, and one smashed his head with a bat.

«Our girl broke his nose. The guy hugged her, began to calm. At this time his back was hit with a wooden bat, his head. I began to attract attention. In the end, they (the staff) saw the blood, saw that we’re shooting, it began to disperse. One of them, before leaving, looked me in the eye and smiling, said «Welcome to Turkey»,» — said Alena.

According to her, three of the six victims, a girl and two men, «received more severe injuries». The others – bruises received from the hotel staff when they tried to take away from the Russians phones.

Three of the company of travelers was completely sober, and «the rest were drinking, as was seeing the other.» According to the girl, the Turks «specially sent to the police sober and drunk at the hospital, blood was taken only drunk».

Comments of the Director of the hotel Alain has called shocking. According to her, «they don’t even know who there was a fight and for what».

As said the Russian, after the incident the property was allowed to return for half an hour in the rooms only for women, so they took their belongings. Travelers appealed to the nearest Russian Consulate in Turkey, where, according to her, just reply that their «application is accepted».

The representative of Consulate General of Russia in Antalya, said to RIA Novosti, in turn, that any requests from the parties to the conflict at that time did not arrive.

Alena added that affected families are thinking how to defend their interests from a legal point of view.

«A statement (in Russian police) written. Last night the guys went to the police, gave them the official paper for fixing the beatings. Today they went and got everything», she concluded.