The Dalai Lama said that he believes the meaning of life

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The Dalai Lama believes that the purpose of life is happiness, the indispensable conditions of which are compassion and peace of mind. He stated this in a conversation with cultural figures from Russia and the Baltic States on Monday in Riga, where conducting exercises for anyone interested in Buddhism.

«If we discard the various religious concepts of the meaning of life and to rely on science, the conclusion is that we are here and now and want happiness and joy, nobody wants trouble. In addition, we – the collective animals, and in us by nature is already inherent love and compassion,» said the Dalai Lama, responding to a question of the Russian playwright and Director, a former Director of theatre «Praktika» by Ivan Vyrypaev about the meaning of life.

In his words, «a mother’s love, a touch of mother-to-child is a key factor for the proper development of the brain.»

To avoid trouble, to maintain health and happiness, according to Buddhist teachings, the necessary peace of mind.

«No doctor will tell you: «be Nervous and angry!» He will say: «Relax and take it easy!» Doctors know that the rest are healthy, and the fear and anger literally devour the immune system,» said the Dalai Lama.

A key practice for peace of mind it is called compassion. It is, according to spiritual leader, gives a person self-confidence.

«In addition, when others feel our care, they begin to trust us, and trust is the basis of friendship. So if we want to have health and friends, we need to develop compassion and to care for peace of mind», says Buddhist leader.

The Dalai Lama holds teachings in Riga Buddhists of the Baltic States and Russia for the third year. In the three-day exercise in the large hall of the Riga’s «Skonto» was attended by about four thousand people from dozens of countries around the world. Including Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshchikov and other cultural figures. The organizers of the Riga teachings of the Dalai Lama, addressed the society «Save Tibet» (Riga), Fund «Save Tibet» (Moscow) and the Center of Tibetan culture and information (Moscow).