The head of Academy of Sciences elected academician Alexander Sergeyev

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotomontagen imagemanagement Alexander Sergeyev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the General meeting of members of the Academy. 26 Sep 2017The head of Academy of Sciences elected academician Alexander Sergeyev© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences elected head of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of applied physics, academician Alexander Sergeyev. It was decided in the second round of elections, where Sergeev scored over a thousand votes.

His opponent in the second round was the scientific Director of the Institute of Oceanology of a name academician Shirshov Robert Nigmatulin. To win, candidates had to score 746 votes.

In the end, Sergeeva voted 1045 members of the Academy of Sciences, Nigmatulin — 412.

As announced at the General meeting of RAS Chairman of the audit Committee Yuri Balega, payroll Academy is 2035. In the second round was issued in 1489 ballots after opening the ballot boxes it was found 1485 Bulletin, 28 ballots were invalid.

In the first round of elections was attended by five candidates: in addition Sergeeva and Nigmatulin, President of the RAS claimed General Director of the Russian research Institute of aviation materials, academician Evgeny Kablov, Director of JSC «NII of molecular electronics and plant «Micron», academician Gennady Krasnikov, Chairman of the Board of the Russian Foundation for basic research, academician Vladislav Panchenko.

For Sergeeva then voted 681 people, but it was not enough to elect him. Nigmatulin scored 276 votes, Krasnikov — 269, Panchenko — 204, Kablov — 152.

Democratic and constructive elections

Speaking at the General meeting of RAS after the announcement of voting results, Sergeev noted that the current elections were held in a democratic and constructive, and it was very important amid criticism of the existing election procedure.

He stressed that for candidates there was no pressure, and the RAS and the government very constructively cooperated in the preparation of the elections. «This is the key to the necessary consensus,» — said Sergeyev. He promised that he would do everything for the development of the Academy of Sciences.

Sergeyev also thanked his competitors in the elections, and expressed special thanks to the previous President Vladimir Fortova — because he fought for the preservation of Russian Academy of Sciences, and acting head of the RAS Valery Kozlov — because he surely «had a ship of the Academy of Sciences» for the elections.

For the preservation of the Academy

According to the ex-President of RAS Vladimir Fortov, the election Sergeeva means that scientists have spoken in favour of the Academy as the leading research organization of Russia.

«The people voted for science at the Academy of Sciences, not management science. People voted for excellent, world-class scientist,» said FORTS.

According to him, now before Sergeyev is a Herculean task — to collect the RAS Presidium, ready to tackle tasks for the development of Russian science. «He needs to find people who need to go to the bones for science. And if the person is actively engaged in science, goes to conferences, writes articles, it is not easy to do,» concluded Fort.