Trump has offered to «solve the problem» of debt Puerto Rico after the hurricane «Maria»

© AFP 2017 / Hector RetamalПоследствия hurricane Maria in the city of Rolling on the island of Puerto Rico. Archival photoTrump has offered to «solve the problem» of debt Puerto Rico after the hurricane «Maria»© 2017 AFP / Hector Retamal

The US President Donald trump has offered to settle a multibillion-dollar debt overseas us territory of Puerto Rico, which was seriously affected by hurricane «Maria».

«Most of the island is destroyed, and it is in debt billions of dollars to wall Street and banks, which, unfortunately, needs to be resolved,» wrote trump on Twitter.

The President also noted that the priority for today issues for Puerto Rico are the provision of water, food and health care. According to him, these works are now well underway.

In may, the Governor of Puerto Rico announced the launch of the restructuring process of the public debt through the courts after negotiations with creditors have not yielded results. The total debt was estimated at that time at $ 70 billion.

Hurricane «Maria» has previously led to serious damage in the Caribbean. As a result of floods, according to various estimates, killed more than 50 people in Puerto Rico, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Haiti and the U.S. virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. At the moment of passing over Puerto Rico hurricane reached the fourth category of danger, the island was almost completely without electricity. On Monday, the hurricane weakened to the first category.