«VIM-Avia» will cease to carry out Charter flights

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The airline «VIM-Avia» has officially admitted that it did not have the financial means to continue activities and will now cease to carry out Charter flights.

Mass and a long flight delay flights «VIM-Avia» has begun even in the summer. Now they have reached such a scale that it took the intervention of the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation. In turn, the Prosecutor’s office began check of the carrier, and the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of theft of means passengers in the «VIM-Avia».

Among the reasons for the rolling delay was previously called a lack of aircraft and aircrew, and recently the outstanding debts to suppliers of fuel.

Where is the money?

The carrier itself stated the «difficult economic situation».

«Over working capital, financing is frozen, and suspended service at airports», the company said in an official statement.

However, the airline is counting on the support of government agencies and partners from the tourism industry: «We continue to negotiate with financial institutions about the support of the airline to normalize the situation and speedy conveyance of passengers».

However, the Federal air transport Agency said that in monitoring the economic and financial condition «VIM-Avia» in the Agency provided financial statements, which testified to the good standing of the airline.

«The Federal air transport Agency will take into account this fact when carrying out unplanned inspections, which have already begun, and will send relevant information to law enforcement agencies,» — said the Agency.
Uncertain future

State authorities, said the Federal air transport Agency, are working on measures and searches for the funds required to continue the transportation of passengers of the troubled airline.

«Various options, including introduction of crisis management and the removal of existing management from the control of economic activity», — said the Agency.

The implementation of these activities will be completed in the near future and expressed hope the Federal air transport Agency.

The lenders «VIM-Avia», according to the Federal air transport Agency, retain an interest in the airline, but only if a radical change in its financial model. Moreover, the number of socially important areas, for example, on flights to the far East, the carrier can be replaced by other airlines.