Airport in Anadyr suspend flights «VIM-Avia»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova in fotoracconti airline VIM-Avia. Archival photoAirport in Anadyr suspend flights «VIM-Avia»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova the image Bank

Airport Anadyr has suspended the flights of «VIM-Avia» because of the debt in excess of 7.5 million rubles, said on Wednesday RIA Novosti Director of the airfield Oleg Wild.

«It is connected with those obligations, which the airline does not perform in front of the airport. We are in agreement on the necessity of pre-payment for maintenance flights «VIM-Avia». The duty AK is already more than 7.5 million rubles. It was therefore decided to suspend service of flights», — said the source.

According to him, a telegram with this information was sent to AK. «We asked to repay the debt, at least partially, or to comment on the situation, but the response is not received,» said Wild.

He added that at 00.25, local time environments from Moscow came aboard «VIM-Avia» with more than six-hour delay. On the plane there were 160 passengers, though the tickets sold 220. Some of the passengers remained in Moscow, as AK has warned that the flight is rescheduled the next day.

The situation with the flight «VIM-Avia» has escalated over the weekend. The airline on Monday officially admitted that they lack financial resources to continue in operation and cease to operate Charter flights. However, regular flights while the airline continues to implement. The issue with the transportation of its passengers is controlled at the level of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport. In particular, the decision on the transfer of flights of «VIM-Avia» from the airport «Domodedovo» in «Vnukovo».