… Compared bitcoin to «MMM»

© AP Photo / Mark LennihanЛоготип Bitcoin. Archival photo… Compared bitcoin to «MMM»© AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

The head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin compare quotes bitcoin with changes in the value of shares of the largest in the history of the Russian financial pyramid «MMM», urged Russians to be careful to investment in cryptocurrencies.

Do you have bitcoins?

  • Yes, learn new ways of savings
  • No, don’t trust bitcoin
  • What is it?
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  • 7.9%

    Yes, learn new ways of savings

  • 37.5%

    No, don’t trust bitcoin

  • 25.7%

    What is it?

  • 28.9%

    I have no savings

All proygressive»what we see, for example, with bitcoin, the information wave that goes around all this history, the involvement of citizens who are not qualified investors — bear the risk. Because if you look at the dynamics of the value of bitcoin is very similar to the dynamics of the value of MMM shares,» said Oreshkin, speaking Wednesday in the Federation Council in the framework of the government hour.

«There is a very high risk for someone who invests in it. It is clear that the state can’t protect these people. They are completely at your own risk. I just urge everyone to carefully apply to such stories,» added the Minister.

Speaking about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain from a technological point of view, the Minister has added that Russia certainly must not stand aside and must lead in this process.

«We maybe don’t yet understand how this technology can be applied, what it will result. But we really need to understand how it works, and to be at the forefront of the development of these processes», — concluded the Minister.