Flights «VIM-Avia» will take place on schedule next week

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova in fotosensibile airline VIM-Avia. Archival photoFlights «VIM-Avia» will take place on schedule next week© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova the image Bank

The faction «United Russia» holds under control the situation with the airline «VIM — Avia», next week its flights will be operated on schedule, told reporters the head of the Duma Committee on transport Evgeny Moskvichev.

«The faction «United Russia» keeps this issue under control. A working group, chaired by the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov, which includes all companies which are able to help. I want to say that next week — Tuesday-Wednesday — this issue is fully resolved, the flight will be in the mode of schedule,» said Moskvichev.

The situation with the flight «VIM-Avia» has escalated over the weekend. The airline on Monday officially admitted that they lack financial resources to continue in operation and cease to operate Charter flights. However, regular flights while the airline continues to implement. The issue with the transportation of its passengers is controlled at the level of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport. In particular, the decision on the transfer of flights of «VIM-Avia» from the airport «Domodedovo» in «Vnukovo».