In Moscow will host a meeting of «United Russia» Communist party of China

© Photo : Alexey Stranovedenie exhibition of the VI Congress of the CCP. Archive photoIn Moscow will host a meeting of «United Russia» Communist party of China© Photo : Alexey Safronov

The party «United Russia» together with the Communist party of China plans to hold on November 16 in Moscow the forum, which will focus on the development of mechanical engineering, energy, infrastructure, and large international projects involving Russia and China, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Supreme Council of «United Russia» Boris Gryzlov.

«In November of 2017, the party «United Russia» together with the Communist party of China plans to hold a forum that will become a new platform for cooperation between Russian and Asian companies, corporations,» — said Gryzlov.

He stressed that inter-party cooperation leading countries in the Asia-Pacific region «can become a conductor of new ideas, will allow to establish a dialogue with foreign partners».

In comments to RIA Novosti member of the Supreme Council of the EP Yuri Shuvalov has specified that the forum is planned for November 16 on one of the Moscow sites. It is planned that participation in it will be representatives of the Russian ministries and corporations, as well as representatives of state-owned companies, shares in which are owned by the Chinese side.

«We will conduct such a forum immediately after the Communist party Congress, and is already out on a specific date is approximately November 16. We plan to share section of the forum on the following grounds: engineering, energy, and the third area is infrastructure. Moreover, the dialogue will be conducted as part of the integration programme of the silk road and the Eurasian economic Treaty,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, to discuss and plan a joint venture to create a new aircraft (wide-body long-haul aircraft CRAIC — ed.) and the development of the digital economy and trends, «associated with the creation of a new information platform, which will allow us to provide more intensive economic cooperation of Russia and China.»

«We hope that the conversation will be mutually beneficial and we hope that the forum will attract a large number of participants from Russia and countries of the Eurasian Treaty. Not only corporations, but also everyone who is associated with the formation of a new industrial economy, aimed at promoting industrial policy and so on,» — said Shuvalov.

In may of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the «round table» on the second day of the forum «One belt and one road» noted that negotiations on the agreement on trade-economic cooperation of the EEU and China. According to the Russian leader, in 2015, the decision was made to combine integration within the EEU and project for the creation of an economic belt «silk road».

In may, the JSC «United Aircraft Corporation» and the Chinese Corporation of civil aviation (COMAC) opened an office in Shanghai joint venture China Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation (CRAIC) project wide-body long-haul aircraft. CRAIC will serve as the program operator of wide-body long-haul aircraft of the new generation, which is created by Chinese and Russian aircraft manufacturers.