In North Ossetia has dismissed the heads of 23 precinct election commissions

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In North Ossetia after election irregularities in the polling day on 10 September dismissed the chairmen of the 23 local electoral commissions and the head of one of the territorial Commission, verification proceeds, is not excluded disciplinary action in relation to other heads of separate election commissions, said a member of the CEC of Russia Evgeny Shevchenko.

Earlier, the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova reported that in North Ossetia, which had been canceled the results of voting in two polling stations, dismissed the head of the territorial election Commission of the suburban district; also the territorial election commissions in the region was requested to consider the responses in respect of officers of 23 precinct election commissions.

«At the end of these instructions of the territorial Commission Alagir, IrAF, Kirov, suburban areas, right Bank and left Bank parts of the city Vladikavkaz released from posts of chairmen of the 23 precinct election commissions, including those two sites, the results of which were cancelled», — said Shevchenko at the CEC session on Wednesday.

He recalled that he was released from duty by the head territorial election Commission of the Prigorodny district of the Republic. «As Chairman of the electoral Commission of Pravoberezhny district of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, he wrote a statement on vacation with the subsequent dismissal from office», — informed member of the CEC.

Shevchenko said that in accordance with the decision of the Republican electoral Commission, analysis of the activities of all territorial and precinct election commissions of the Republic. «We do not exclude, that on results of this test will be taken additional disciplinary measures as to the management of individual Ticks and PEC,» — concluded the CEC member.