In Primorye deputies will be deprived of the salary for each absence

© Fotolia / Tomasz ZajdaМужчина removes the wallet. Archival photoIn Primorye deputies will be deprived of the salary for each absence© Fotolia / Tomasz Zajda

Primorye MPs on Wednesday adopted amendments to the law, according to which regional deputies, are not without good reason in the session, will lose one-sixth of the salary for each pass, according to the Legislative Assembly of the region.

A must visit is a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, of committees and commissions, including the Deputy. About it the speech went at the meeting of Parliament, where the deputies adopted in the second and third reading amendments to the law «On status of Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai».

«If a member is to be absent Legislative session, Committee meetings, he will incur a financial loss. The Deputy working on permanent basis, good salary compared to other residents of the Primorsky territory, and if he neglects his duties, hence, it is necessary to beat the ruble: missed meeting one-sixth of the salary gone. I think such measures are absolutely justified,» — said the Chairman of the Committee on rules, Deputy ethics and organization of work of Legislative Assembly of edge Dmitry Novikov.

The decision on the recognition of the reasons of excused absence will be made by the Committee of Parliament on rules, Deputy ethics and organization of work. Among the valid reasons – travel, vacation, temporary incapacity, force majeure or other circumstances impeding the work of the Deputy.