In the Saratov region after the election of Governor fired 10 heads of Ticks

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova in fotosencibilization in a single day of voting at a polling station in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 10 Sep 2017In the Saratov region after the election of Governor fired 10 heads of Ticks© RIA Novosti / Sergey Krasnoukhova the image Bank

The electoral Commission of the Saratov region on Tuesday ahead of schedule sent in resignation of 10 of the 47 chairmen of territorial election commissions (TECS) of the region, including the heads of all six Ticks of Saratov, says the decision published on the website of the election Committee.

The electoral Commission of the region at a meeting on Tuesday adopted a resolution «On measures on organization of activities of the individual election commissions in the Saratov region», according to which personnel decisions are adopted, «taking into account identified deficiencies in the organizational and methodological support of activities of precinct election commissions».

The duties of heads of Ticks entrusted to their deputies, and by these territorial election commissions is recommended to solve the issue of resignation of the chairmen of the 45 precinct election commissions (PECs), including No. 4 and No. 1427 where the election results were invalidated, No. 87, where the received message about the alleged assault of a member of the election Committee the Chairman of the PEC. «On measures taken… to inform the election Commission of the region no later than October 4, 2017», — stated in the decree.

Earlier, the Chairman of regional election Committee Pavel Tochilkin reported that only the day of voting the election Commission has received 16 complaints and appeals, it was all 55 of the wick is about 2% of the sites on the territory of Saratov region. According to him, the whole complaint was provocative in nature. The Chairman of regional election Committee Yury Bryzgalin clarified that only four cases were confirmed. The Governor of the region Valery Radaev on 11 September reported that the head of the Saratov Valery Saraev has resigned in connection with the problems in organizing the elections.

According to the document, prematurely released from office in all the six presidents of Ticks in Saratov: Volga region city — Aziz Luchkovskoho, the Factory district — Vladimir Molochkov, the Kirov district Irina Botovo, Leninsky district Irina Zhukova, Oktyabrsky district — Igor Prokhorov, the Frunze area — Victor Tokarev. In addition, dismissed the head of Ticks Arkadak district, region Vladimir Tsygankov, Balakovsky district — Olesya Trifonova, Perelyubskiy — Rima Black, Pugachev Marina shabrova.

Elections of Governor and deputies of regional Duma took place on 10 September. The representative of the party «United Russia» Valery Radaev scored 74,63% of the vote and was elected Governor of the region for five years. In addition, for the same term elected 45 deputies: 23 on party lists and single-seat districts 22. According to the final election Committee, the EP got 36 seats (18 of them single-mandate), the Communist party — 5, LDPR — 2, «Fair Russia» — 1, another mandate was received by the independent candidate.

In the Saratov region after the election of Governor fired 10 heads of Ticks© RIA Novosti, Infografiken voting day in Russia