In the top in the far East, there will be factories for the production of essential oils and cellulose

© Fotolia / duskЭфирное oil. Archival photoIn the top in the far East, there will be factories for the production of essential oils and cellulose© Fotolia / dusk

Corporation of Far East development has approved several applications from potential investors who plan to implement their projects in TOR in the far East, in particular, in the Khabarovsk region will be the factories for the production of essential oils and soluble cellulose, said on Wednesday the Ministry of the Russian Federation.

«Applications of the potential investors of the territories of priority development was considered by the JSC «Corporation of development of the Far East» and received a positive decision», — stated in the message.

It is noted that one of the investors planning to build in the industrial Park «Avangard» in Khabarovsk, the center of production of essential oils of coniferous trees and medicinal ointments based on them. In one hospital in the neighboring city of Birobidzhan of the Jewish Autonomous region currently are being tested ointments in order to confirm the wound healing properties.

«Production of a soluble cellulose from wood of larch or spruce on a unique technology using low-grade timber and wood waste mechanical wood processing, with the attraction of foreign investment, is planned TOR «Komsomolsk» in the city of Amursk of the Khabarovsk region,» — said in the message.

It is also reported that TOR «Kamchatka» knead tourist complex with picnic areas, prefabricated pergolas, houses and Parking lots.

In addition, new potential residents received four applications for the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of investment activities on the territory of free port of Vladivostok. Investors plan to do a comprehensive landscaping of the coastline of the Bay of azure, to build a base for the production of metal structures and concrete products, to organize intra-port transportation, as well as to build tourism and water complex with a hotel. In these projects it is planned to invest more than 660 million rubles.

According to the Ministry, the amount of investment declared all potential residents of the TOR and ISL in the beginning of this week, more than 43 billion rubles.