Media reported about the arrest of the former head of SU-155 in the new criminal case

© SU-155Бывший CEO of the largest construction group «SU-155» Alexander Meshcheryakov. Archival photoMedia reported about the arrest of the former head of SU-155 in the new criminal case© SU-155

Former CEO of construction company SU-155 Alexander Meshcheryakov arrested in Moscow, he is accused of embezzling the funds of investors who bought apartments in the houses constructed without necessary legal documents, said on Wednesday the newspaper «Kommersant», citing a source.

«As it became known «Kommersant», the Tver regional court has arrested the former Director of one of the largest construction companies SU-155 Alexander Meshcheryakov. A businessman accused of large fraud. According to «Kommersant», the interior Ministry considers it involved in the embezzlement of funds of shareholders who purchased apartments in the unfinished housing complexes, in the construction SU-155 will not be issued the necessary documentation, including a permit for the construction itself,» — writes the edition.

The information that the businessman is in custody, the newspaper confirmed his lawyer refusing to disclose the details of the case. The police also declined to comment.

«Kommersant» reminds that it already the second criminal case, the defendant is Meshcheryakov. Two years ago he was suspected of evading tax on income of physical persons in the amount of 210,5 million rubles. The investigators believed that the unpaid taxes top Manager «used for personal benefit,» including the issuance of loans to controlled organizations, «the purchase of promissory notes and other securities», the newspaper said. However, after the repayment of tax claims, the investigation was terminated.

«According to sources, «b», this time the charges against the Director of SU-155, Moscow is associated with incomplete projects. As previously reported by «Kommersant», at six sites, selected SU-155 in the capital, the apartments were sold without registration of the necessary documentation. The company lacked a building permit, registration of ownership to land plots, and the sales of apartments, according to one of interlocutors of «Kommersant», SU-155 was used 19 different contracts, none of which fall under existing Federal law №214 on the protection of investors», — writes the edition.