Medvedev said about the importance of caring for the environment during mining

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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev welcomed the participants of the international conference «Oil and gas of Sakhalin», noting that it is necessary to minimize risks to the environment during mining region and continue to invest in green technology and new, more efficient methods of hydrocarbon production.

Welcome to the telegram posted Wednesday on the website of the Cabinet.

«This year is special for our country, he declared the Year of ecology. This determined the agenda of the conference. The focus will be the issues of environmental security. They are relevant both for Russia and for the world. Therefore, the discussion will be attended by distinguished scientists and experts, top managers and leading specialists of major companies who will share their experiences, ideas and interesting projects in this sphere», — the telegram says.

Medvedev noted that the situation with protection of natural resources every year is becoming increasingly complex, and environmental problems – global.

«And it is important that this is understood in Sakhalin gas and oil companies that are making solid investments in the development of green technologies and new, more efficient ways of mining of hydrocarbons. As well as in improving energy infrastructure. We must continue to do everything in order to minimize the risk of negative impact on the environment, because it affects the health of millions of people», — said the Prime Minister.

«I’m sure you will formulate concrete proposals on these critical issues that face not only the oil and gas industry, but also the entire economy of the country. And the conference will contribute to strengthening international cooperation. Help us to join forces with foreign counterparts and work together to develop common approaches in the field of ecology,» — said Medvedev.