Near Tver stowaway fell out of the train, trying to escape from the guards

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The man who tried to escape from the guards of trains «vyshnij Volochok Tver», fell from train and died in the vicinity of the platform «Health» of the October railway, Tver region, reports the Moscow investigatory management on transport SK of Russia.

According to preliminary data, on Wednesday the man, who was traveling without a ticket, approached the supervisors and asked to present a travel document, he insulted the supervisors, who then called the security guards of the trains. The arrived guards also asked the man to show the ticket, but he refused, lay on the passenger seat and began to fight off the guards feet.

«When trying one of the guards to stop illegal actions of the offender last broke and ran on the movable part in the direction of the front of the train. In the platform «Sanatorium» man, being in the coupler space, climbed through a rubber souffle on the outside of coupling cars and slipped and fell on the railway embankment», — stated in the message.

According to the SC, the man died. The investigation revealed that he was repeatedly convicted and on the eve of the incident was brought to administrative responsibility. Is pre-investigation checks.