Shantsev said that not hurt their retirement

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The former head of the Nizhny Novgorod region Valery Shantsev stated that he believes the reason for his dismissal advanced age and not offended by this decision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed a decree dismissing Valeriy Shantsev as Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region, appointed acting head of the region first Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade Nikitin.

«The President makes a decision, when it considers it appropriate. He believes that it is necessary to reduce the number of veterans and increase the number of young people. I’m a survivor in this area, and the decision of the President I was not offended, in fact — you know what it was awarded. I believe the reason for my dismissal my age. 70 years is a respectable age,» said Shantsev told reporters.

Among its achievements, the Governor called the increase in incomes of the regional budget, the implementation of the system of benefits for the industry and increasing per capita incomes.

«The main task of my successor now is to make the budget of region for 2018 and the planned period of 2019-2020. This is the main task,» he added.