«This is a light version of prostitution.» Than you earn the concubines in the 21st century

© Fotolia / vladimirfloydДевушка in stockings. Archival photo«This is a light version of prostitution.» Than you earn the concubines in the 21st century© Fotolia / vladimirfloyd

Search engine «Yandex» on request «looking for sponsor» produces 22 million results, «looking for a kept woman» — 15 million. Kept today looking for men to solve their financial problems through specialized Dating sites.

These women do not need to strive and dedicate them a romantic evening, and so they are ready for a sponsorship. The danger of such a lifestyle, is there a «Code kept woman» and how much does one dinner with a man — a young girl and sponsor anonymous told RIA Novosti.

Svetlana (name changed at the request of the heroine), 23. The last year of living at the expense of sponsors:

«A man in a skirt»

A few years ago I graduated from high school and came to St. Petersburg from the Siberian province. Mom and dad never made millions, so I entered the University, decided not to be a burden. I went from three jobs to provide for themselves.

There is such a harsh word «plow» — it is applicable to modern girls. We are taught men that asking for help is ugly, if you look materialistic.

My then Deputy refused to help, but required my attention and care. I feel like I’ve become «a man in a skirt»: I think only about how would I earn. Debts choked from all sides.

The code is kept

Out of desperation I went to the website for sponsors and concubines. First impression — «the horror, how can you sell yourself to the unfamiliar man? «Then I looked at questionnaires: some girls have been with several diplomas, in the «About me», wrote interesting short texts. On their pages there was no self, where half of the screen is pumped gel lips. Real girls that are looking for support — so they call sponsorship.

First, I decided that such a meeting should be regarded as a business: I use my beauty and I paid for it. But in fact it doesn’t work. The girl decides for what purposes she becomes a kept woman. If you put half-naked photos and write what you are ready for a one-time meeting for 15 thousand roubles, it is no different from prostitution. The attitude is appropriate. Men such girls are called «meat». Earn a lot so will not work.

Calculate cheat can on a picture. First — quality photography. If the picture is fuzzy, it is likely that its cheap phone. Second — how people dressed, his pose and the surroundings. If photographing a bundle of money or expensive cars, it is 100% fake. Very often the real sponsor seems like a simple man in the street, maybe you would even pass by.

Then I ask for a phone number and translate the communication in instant messengers, so as not to be tied to the resource. Many potential sponsors are being followed, how often the girl appears in the Network. They can break off relations, if he suspects you have someone else.

Of course, the pocket will not climb. On a first date pay attention to the level of the restaurant to which you invited that man eats, pays and leaves a tip.
© Fotolia / dgpr the restaurant«This is a light version of prostitution.» Than you earn the concubines in the 21st century© Fotolia / dgpr in the restaurant

There are several topics that give a «rogue». You need to understand the estate to understand where the person lives: if, for example, in Repino — there expensive housing, and on the Prospect of Veterans or Ladoga — cheap. Does a girl have to understand politics, technology, automobiles, to distinguish the old from the new BMW Porsche.

However, the killer may be a skilled deceiver. No one here will be able to help you. But if something is troubling me, I write to their friends where they are, go to the link every hour. While intuition doesn’t fail.

Like how much money

Sponsors don’t like it when they are perceived as a money bag, so on a first date about the money not even hinted at, otherwise the man will refuse to communicate. You can never complain about the lack of attention or problems at work or home. You always have to be in a good mood. You won’t be asked, you’re tired, slept Lee. He is not interested to listen about your problems, he has enough of its own. But the lack of attention kompensiruet money.

© Fotolia / Kaspars GrinvaldsДевушка takes money from the man«This is a light version of prostitution.» Than you earn the concubines in the 21st century© Fotolia / Kaspars GrinvaldsДевушка takes money from men

Money from give small amounts. Manicure, Spa, other stuff. You don’t have to spread the hints, and very specifically to understand what is needed and indecent to speak immediately before the sponsor you will not ask about it. Gradually, the level of trust rises and the amount of increase. The limit as such, no, someone is not enough and 300 thousand a month, but not impudent. Now I want to ask for money to start a business. I know that sooner or later I will cease to depend on her man.

Nicholas, 45 years. Divorced, is dealing with concubine for more than five years:

I am the owner of a large business. From youth I strove to create a serious venture that will make money. Wife relationship did not exist: in my house, almost was not, and she suspected me of cheating. When we divorced, I could not meet with them. Had a feeling that I’m being used, because the rich, and anyone interested who I am and what I think.

With my first girlfriend-a kept woman I met accidentally in a restaurant. Its straightforwardness drew me. So we agreed that I give her money for any needs, and she sees me as a person, not a purse. However, the greed of it all has ruined. Using the softness of my character, she pulled money out of me, not thinking I feel. This is essentially a light version of prostitution.

Now I find it easier not to go to bars and pay for access to the sites and look for girls for lots of fun without leaving the office. They often write themselves, and you just choose. The number of meetings in a girl I try to limit three or four times a week. Not like molestation. If it is for several months is fine with me as a companion, I suggest an intimate relationship. But usually it is sooner and not on my initiative.

© Fotolia / luengo_uaДевушка phone«This is a light version of prostitution.» Than you earn the concubines in the 21st century© Fotolia / luengo_uaДевушка phone

Need a girl who will listen. She needs to look good in case you have to go out with her in the light. I do not accept the Mat, tattoo or body piercing. Just a natural beauty. Whether she has a relationship on the side, I prefer not to know. This relationship model seems to me is ideal: I get pleasure from life, and female economic independence.

Significantly, when the girl doesn’t want to do anything and wants to sit on the neck, it’s wrong. I’m not a Bank that gives you infinite credit. Another thing, when it lacks funds for development. So I want to help, not thinking about the amounts. A kept woman, in theory, possible marriage, but most girls do not agree to a serious relationship. They like their independence: there seems to be a patron, but she has the right to flirt with someone else. This is a dangerous game.

Review Irina Parfyonova, a practicing psychologist:

Any marriage is a contract, the classical form when you decide to be together «in sorrow and in joy». In the case of soderjanka relationship is more similar to commodity-money exchange. For girls it’s more like a work for which she receives the status and well-being. However, the wear of the product always can be replaced by a more recent model.

For men, the presence of a young girl’s way to show its success and viability, as well as an illusory opportunity to prolong youth.

In the future men such relations practically does not affect. But the girls two choices: relationships can be the start of her career and wealthy life, if a girl is smart enough, or early neurosis, when the habit of living with high quality of life is, and the ability to create it is not. Then, ending the relationship, she loses the status and well-being.

A kept woman Svetlana’m sure the sponsor has the full right to have a relationship with multiple girls at the same time, so it is important not to be attached:

«Not everyone will agree on a format of the relations: more often than not you will never be this man truly loved woman.

The life of a kept woman, passionate, I know the history, when adult women are so forgotten that I didn’t see how it had been decades, and they have not created a family, not provide for themselves. Because it is impossible for life to be maintained by different men. Such women are useless.

Often have sponsors and women are forming relationships that turn into marriage. But this is an exception to the rule — few people will admit to themselves woman, initially positioning itself as a seller of their beauty and intelligence. But most importantly — the sponsor will never see a kept woman with conviction. He sees her as a Muse that inspires».