Valeriy Borysov: import substitution in electrical engineering — priority.

© Photo : zavodovski Kursk electrical equipment electrical equipment plant (KEAZ). Archive photoValeriy Borysov: import substitution in electrical engineering — priority.© Photo : Kursk electrical equipment plant

Kursk electrical equipment plant (KEAZ) is one of the few manufacturers of low-voltage equipment in Russia, which has in the country the complete cycle of production from design to finished product, continues to follow the state strategy of import substitution.

In his speech at the First national forum «import Substitution — 2017» held in September, managing KEAZ Valeriy Bobryshev told about the competition of domestic producers with foreign companies and suggested measures to accelerate import substitution in the electrical industry. Offers. to use a range of nonfinancial measures to support domestic producers resonated with participants. After all, representatives of machine-building industry of Russia face similar challenges.

One of the development priorities. today is the development of new devices and the localization of production equipment on the territory of the country pursuant to resolution No. 719 of the government of the Russian Federation. The plant also closely involved in the process of complete substitution of domestic analogues of foreign electrical products, which is still supplied by foreign companies.

KEAZ is actively expanding production capacity. Today the plant is the anchor resident of the industrial Park «Union», located on the territory of Kursk region. The company plans not only to create a new production, but also to increase the number of jobs, contributing to the development of the industrial Park «Union» as one of the major industrial centers of the region. Along with the Kursk electrical equipment plant in the Park have already started work more than a dozen other residents.

In early September, KEAZ has launched a new line of production in the territory of «Soyuz». With a pipeline of new lines going to the vacuum switches OptiMat V —modern high-voltage devices. The launch of the new line was visited not only by representatives of the leadership of keaz, but the South Korean partners — the specialists manufacturer of electrical VITZRO EAT*. They praised the level and quality of the production process of the plant.

At the moment a consolidated area of industrial objects of the plant is 90 thousand square meters, which employs about 2000 employees. KEAZ is one of the few domestic manufacturers of electrical equipment that governs the whole cycle of product creation — from design up to production, testing and service.

*Vittro IEM

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