Defenders of animals is against Buddhist because of the «ritual of liberation»

© Photo : Fund «Save Tibet»/Renat Laudanozine Rescue helplessDefenders of animals is against Buddhist because of the «ritual of liberation»© Photo : Fund «Save Tibet»/Renat Aladino

The court of London, sentenced to a heavy fine two British Buddhists for the «ritual of liberation» crustacean animals in the sea, writes The Guardian.

«Two of the London Buddhist, ISO Lee and not LEE pleaded guilty to breaking the Law 1981 about the wild nature and the countryside, releasing into the wild of non-native species that led to the «inestimable damage» to the environment», — reports the edition.

According to the newspaper, two years the couple participated in the ceremony along with hundreds of Buddhists, who came from Taiwan. The ceremony was led by the famous Buddhist preacher Hai Tao.

The reason for the trial was the claim from defenders of animals. They asked one of the local fishermen, who noticed that they caught the crab clearly does not live on the South coast of England.

In International humanitarian community, which supported the claim, considered «the ritual of mercy for animals became a industry.» According to them, only Taviana annually produce more than 200 million animals. The organization drew attention to the activities of Hai Tao. So, in 2012, he and his followers produced in the mountains of Taiwan a few hundred snakes that never lived in the area.