Generators memes: the new governors come in regions with new jokes

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece in fotobanka Russia. Archival photoGenerators memes: the new governors come in regions with new jokes© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece the image Bank

The political language spoken by the new heads of the regions, is prone to generation of memes, vivid images and random jokes that make language dynamic and easier to reach the recipient, says the report of the Expert Institute of social studies (AISI) and the research center «dissenting opinion».

«One of the most striking features of modern political language is its tendency to create memes, picking up media and networking vivid images and random jokes. Such images clearly mark the intentions of the new governors and reflect their world view. They make the language as dynamic as modern life. Such theses is easier to reach the recipient, setting the tone for the perception of the head of region», — the report says «Single day of voting. Update», which examines the language and the program of new regional leaders, the agenda and vision of the future, the proposed new «political generation».

Researchers believe that this age is not so important to define a new generation of politicians, where the head of the Mari El Republic 59-year-old Alexander Evstifeev and 30 years of Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanov much closer than you might think.

«The first Day of cosmonautics said at a meeting of the government of the Mari El Republic: «from space, we have only debts,» and local businesses who owe wages, recalled that «slaves we have.» «The barn, right?» – aptly describes the A. A. Alikhanov as the Khrabrovo airport and strictly controls the timing of the commissioning of the new terminal, as well as promises to make Kaliningrad a «candy world scale», — States the report of the words elected on 10 September of the heads of regions.

As an example, a new political language researchers cite the words elected on 10 September the head of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov, who calls his campaign «a great thing», his colleague Alexander Brechalov characterizes the neighboring Udmurtia as «very compact», and the Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasilev considers its primary task NEP – «bringing order».