Igor Koshin: overload of the economy to the mortgage at 1%

© Photo : Council Of Federatsiyasi Coxim. Archive photoIgor Koshin: overload of the economy to the mortgage at 1%© Photo : Council of the Federation

One of the youngest governors of Russia Igor Koshin, released Thursday from the office, stood at the head of the Nenets Autonomous area more than 3 years. He had to do a restart of the economy, when due to the fall in oil prices reduced the income of the region, to modernize agriculture and to make unpopular decisions by cutting salaries and social payments.

From the Director of the Agency to the Governor

Igor Koshin was born 27 August 1974 in Usinsk, Komi ASSR. In 1996 he graduated from the economic faculty of Syktyvkar state University, specialty «production Management», in 2003 — the Academy of state service under the President of the Republic of Komi.

After graduation, he worked in manufacturing, was a Director of a travel company, headed by a non-profit organization «Union of geologists and oil workers of the North» in Naryan-Mar.

In 2001 was elected Deputy of the Assembly of deputies of the Nenets Autonomous district, was re-elected in 2005. From 2005 to 2012 he was Chairman of the Assembly of deputies of the Nenets Autonomous district.

Since February 2012 — member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The twenty-second of February 2014 the Russian President signed a decree appointed Koshin, acting Governor of the Nenets Autonomous district, and in September 2014 he was elected to the post of Governor of the Nenets Autonomous district.

Rebooting economy

Over 3 years of leadership Koshin region in the NAO was held to restart the economy, which has become a necessity due to declining revenues as a result of falling oil prices. Coxim has cut the salaries of officials, was cancelled a number of social benefits.

Among the positive changes can be noted, the resumption of frozen in 2004, road construction from the «big land», the emergence of private house-building plant, established infrastructure for small business, updated aircraft fleet.

Recently the head of the NAO has been criticized for in the district adopted the law on payment of salaries to the release of a number of officials, many felt that this measure is untimely. Koshin then explained that for the last 3 years, when the district lost a third of oil revenues, the salaries of civil servants in the region has been reduced by 20%, the deputies, deputies – and even more – 30-40%, and his own salary has dropped by 47%.

In addition, according to media reports, in the region there were problems with the implementation of the may decrees. Was difficult solution to the problems of attracting medical personnel, to reduce energy dependence.

«Despite a significant reduction in their own salaries and benefits, my team worked with full dedication and faith in the result. I’m not ashamed of my job. I am sure that the changes will ensure the stable development of the region for a long period,» said Koshin.

© RIA Novosti / Tatiana Balagurunathan NAO Igor KoshinIgor Koshin: overload of the economy to the mortgage at 1%© RIA Novosti / Tatiana Balagurunathan NAO Igor Koshin