Michaelmas: Saakashvili is struggling with Poroshenko for the title of «the Baptist of Russia»

© RIA Novosti / RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotobanka SaakashviliMichaelmas: Saakashvili is struggling with Poroshenko for the title of «the Baptist of Russia»© RIA Novosti / RIA to Novoshepelychi in photovacation of Skripunov

Ukraine is preparing for «Michaelmas day»: Mikheil Saakashvili travels around the country, gathering supporters to March on Kiev. Grand entrance through the Golden gate, he promised, will be a day of celebration in honor of the Archangel Michael. Such symbolism could not fail to impress some of the supporters not recognized by world Orthodoxy «Kiev Patriarchate», which, it would seem that until recently was loyal to Petro Poroshenko.

It got to the point that the police arrested a military chaplain KP Igor Petrenko participated in the famous breakthrough of the Ukrainian-Polish border by supporters of Saakashvili. And now the clergy from the «Kiev Patriarchate» facing entirely to the side of Georgian politics. About how Saakashvili split Raskolnikov in the material RIA Novosti.

«Huckster for Saakashvili»

Supporters of the «Kiev Patriarchate» broke the news about the arrest Petrenko. Some of them, judging by the comments in social networks, strongly condemned the priest, «blessed attack on the Ukrainian border.» Others, however, did not expect such a strong reaction of the Kiev authorities, to whom they are ultimately loyal. In the end, at the priest KP Sergey Tkachuk (also a chaplain) called the history of migration Saakashvili «vsegosudarstvennom insanity».

«What, in the country have nothing better to do? I have the feeling that the regime was especially sweet huckster raises the rating of Saakashvili» — said Archpriest.

Such an attack against Poroshenko-known religious figure, besides standing on the extreme nationalist positions (he is a member of the OUN-UPA*) certainly shocked other members of the «Kiev Patriarchate». Reached the conversation in the spirit: «And whose side are you on, father?»

Three years later, without discussion with the Patriarch was adopted controversial law, according to which the Georgian Church was no longer the only full-fledged religious organization. Ilia II said at the time about the «trampling of national interests.» And the President in response to more liberalized the law. Many experts have reminded him that the confrontation with the Patriarch — «a deadly thing for any Georgian politician». To verify the validity of those words in practice, he was able in 2013, when he failed miserably at the next election. And when, in early 2017 scandal with attempt of a poisoning of the Georgian Patriarch, immediately rumors that this is nothing like a «Hello» from Saakashvili.

And now a politician without citizenship is trying to lure believers to their side. So, about a month before the controversial breakthrough the border, he met with Ukrainian Greek Catholics who had moved over the past three years in Poland.

So now they are betting on all politicians who promote this idea. And in the current situation, when «political forces in Ukraine understand that the government Poroshenko staggered», UKGC and «Kiev Patriarchate» just can’t stay away, said the expert.
«In this sense, all political forces, to which belong the data and religious organizations offer their resources to the nominees (for President. — Approx. ed.)», — emphasizes the analyst.

In this scenario, the clash of interests is already within the churches is inevitable. Moreover, this was already observed in 1994, when the Uniates and «the Filaret’s churchmen» veering between the incumbent President Kravchuk and future President Kuchma. Then their final choice fell on the first, which ultimately led to a decade of cooling of relations with the government.

© RIA Novosti / Michael Markeviciute in photobacteria national flag Day of Ukraine in KievMichaelmas: Saakashvili is struggling with Poroshenko for the title of «the Baptist of Russia»© RIA Novosti / Michael Markeviciute in photobacteria national flag Day of Ukraine in Kiev

It is obvious that the Ukrainian «nationalist Church» will be friends with any of the conductors of the anti-Russian policy. But who exactly is Putin or Saakashvili? It’s funny that both policies call themselves parishioners of the Moscow and Georgian Patriarchates, respectively. And these churches do not recognize the legitimacy nor the Uniates nor the «Kiev Patriarchate».

In 2000 years the President Yushchenko introduced the custom to go around on Easter night, churches of several religious denominations. For this, the Ukrainian press sarcastically dubbed him the «Baptist of Russia». It seems that holding to entice the faithful, each on his side, Poroshenko and Saakashvili decided to compete for this title.

* Banned in Russia as extremist organization.