Scientists from the MIPT has created a unique seismic recording system for oil and gas

© Photo : Press service of Mitsamiouli station, developed by scientists from MIPTScientists from the MIPT has created a unique seismic recording system for oil and gas© Photo : Press service of MIPT

Scientists from the Moscow physical-technical Institute has created and tested a unique seismic station, capable of finding deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals at a distance of a few tens of kilometers from the Earth’s surface, and published its description in the journal American Meteorological Society.

«Our station is designed for installation on the bottom or land in exploration of oil and gas. It’s a sealed module that has its own power source, a set of highly sensitive seismic sensors of our own design, and a system of registration», — says Vadim Agafonov, head of the Center for molecular electronics MIPT, whose word brings the press service of the University.

This station, like many other systems of geological exploration, finds mineral deposits as they passed through or reflected seismic signals generated by the or nature, or a special sonic cannons. The more sensors located on the bottom of the sea or in the oil-rich land areas, the better will be the picture that will be received by geologists, analyzing data recorded by seismic sensors.

Another advantageous feature of this system is that it can simultaneously be used both on land and on the seabed, at a depth of approximately 500 meters and less. This distinguishes it from all other marine stations that typically have too large dimensions for use on land.

The operation of this device, as the researchers note, was already checked at the bottom of the sea of Azov, near the village of Golubitskaya on the Taman Peninsula. According to physicists, they not only failed to check the work of a network of 17 seismic stations, but also record the earthquake that occurred 200 kilometers from the Taman Peninsula on the territory of Ukraine. According to the press service, the development is already interested in LUKOIL, Rosneft and other companies.