Scientists have suggested that life on Earth could have existed 4 billion years ago

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Life in its rudimentary form could exist on Earth 3,95 billion years ago, when our planet had no oxygen, and her barely formed solid surface is showered with a rain of asteroids, writes Atlantic, citing a study by researchers from the University of Tokyo.

Yuji Sano (Sano Yuji) and Taeshi Come (Tsuyoshi Komiya) found in rocks in North-Eastern Canada crystals of natural graphite, which contains a special blend of carbon isotopes. It is this mixture suggests that during the formation of these multi-billion dollar stones lived there the microbes use the carbon dioxide in the formation of cells.

Our planet was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists had previously believed that life could have arisen after the bombing of the planet by asteroids four billion years ago. If the Tokyo researchers are right in their guesses, their discovery will be one of the first evidences of the origin of life on Earth.

However, there are reasons to expose the opening question: given the age of the rocks and all the geological changes that they had to endure for a considerable period, it is difficult with accuracy to say that this graphite was not in their composition later. It is also likely that other processes, not associated with organic matter, could lead to a change contained in graphite proportions of the isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-13, the ratio of which to determine the age of the studied object.

«The authors have done as many checks as I could to determine whether or not they analyze graphite age of 3.95 billion years, and not a later contamination. They give a plausible argument that this primary form,» — says geochemist Elizabeth bell, University of California. It was she who two years ago found in Australia zircon with inclusion of the oldest graphite age of 4.1 billion years.

Last year, scientists found fossils in Greenland, which indicate that life existed on Earth 3.7 billion years ago. Previously the most ancient fossils of this kind were found in Australia, and their age is numbered only 220 million years.