Students of the MAI have received a million roubles from the Ministry of industry and trade to your project

© Myprototype apparatus of the Eco-monitoringStudents of the MAI have received a million roubles from the Ministry of industry and trade to your project© MAI

Students of the Moscow aviation Institute Victoria Bojarshinova and Daria Perepelyuk presented at all-Russian contest «Innovative electronics» the project «Eco-monitoring» and received further development of one million rubles from the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.»Eco-monitoring» is a complex weather monitoring and ecology of the major cities on the basis of controlled UAV. The complex is able to perform the task of monitoring emissions from industrial plants into the environment, the weather conditions around the landing sites, assessment of environmental pollution in close proximity to residential areas, anthropogenic factors in disasters, to measure the content of carbon dioxide and other gases in cities, to measure dangerous temperatures to identify the risk of fire.

In the section «Technological breakthrough» prizes won projects of innovative mobile power source (Misa, 1), portable device for the analysis of microorganisms causing human pathology (Samara national research University named after academician S. P. Korolev, 2nd place) and the research project modules broadband (team Sut them. Professor Bonch-Bruevich, 3 place).

In the section «Innovations in business» prize-winning places have divided the projects m & e-interface (MIFI, Moscow state University, 1st place), 3D imaging of the road surface condition (Tomsk Polytechnic University, 2nd place) and tracking movements for VR zones total immersion (NRU «MPEI», 3rd place). Only in the qualifying round of the competition attracted 758 exhibitors from 17 regions of Russia, presented to the experts 383 scientific work.