The aircraft «WIM-Avia» from Vnukovo are waiting in Blagoveshchensk late in the day

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova in fotosensibile airline VIM-Avia. Archival photoThe aircraft «WIM-Avia» from Vnukovo are waiting in Blagoveshchensk late in the day© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova the image Bank

The arrival of flight «VIM-Avia» of the capital’s Vnukovo expect in Blagoveshchensk at 09.00 (03.00 GMT) from Moscow, the plane departed with a delay of almost a day, have informed RIA of news in reference airport of Blagoveshchensk on Thursday.

The «arrival flight «VIM-Avia» from Vnukovo is expected at 9 am (03.00 GMT). The flight is on route Blagoveshchensk-Moscow is expected at 21.00 (15.00 GMT), the crew needs to rest», — told RIA Novosti in the information service of the airport.

As reported, the first carrier has cancelled Wednesday flight from Vnukovo to Blagoveschensk due to the low loading of the aircraft. The route was delivered to Boeing with a capacity of more than 200 people, but the shipment was canceled at the last moment. After the intervention of the Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov Vnukovo began to look for a Board replacement. When a new plane was found, there was a problem with the fuel. Because of debts «VIM-Avia» company tanker was in no hurry to fill the second Board. Send to Blagoveshchensk waited 62 people, including children. As a result, the passengers were taken yet on the Boeing 777-200.

«The plane took off on Wednesday in 20.01 (02.01 GMT), flew the Boeing 777-200,» said RIA Novosti in the reference Vnukovo.

Earlier, the authorities of the region informed that passengers provide water and hot meals.

The Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov said that also taking this flight to Blagoveshchensk. «Today’s departure Board to Blagoveshchensk were given especially hard… And that’s «wrong Board» was exactly the 85 inhabitants of the Amur region fly home, I’m with them. Changed the ticket with a familiar «Icarus», apparently, one of the last flights «VIM-Avia» in Blagoveshchensk,» wrote Kozlov on his page in Instagram.

The Ministry of transport of the Amur region said on Wednesday that the airport of Blagoveshchensk has no official data from «VIM-Avia» flights on the Moscow-Blagoveshchensk-Moscow from 28 September. On Tuesday, the transport Ministry of the Amur region opened a «hot line» for passengers «VIM-Avia». It was also reported that the company «Ikar» ready from October 6 to increase the number of flights on the route Blagoveshchensk-Moscow, if the situation with the «VIM-Avia» will not change. In addition, the authorities of the Amur region are negotiating with the «Ural airlines».

The situation with the flight «VIM-Avia» has escalated over the weekend. The airline on Monday officially admitted that they lack financial resources to continue in operation and cease to operate Charter flights. However, regular flights while the airline continues to implement. The issue with the transportation of its passengers is controlled at the level of Rosaviation and Ministry of transport. In particular, the decision on the transfer of flights of «VIM-Avia» from Domodedovo in Vnukovo.