The British Minister noted the progress in the negotiations on the rights of the citizens

© AFP 2017 / Justin TallisПрохожие at the Parliament building in London, UK. Archival photoThe British Minister noted the progress in the negotiations on the rights of the citizens© 2017 AFP / Justin Tallis

British Minister for Brexit David Davis noted the progress in the negotiations with the EU on a number of fronts, including the question of the rights of Europeans living in the UK, and Brits in the EU.

«We managed to make progress on a number of fronts… I’m leaving today Brussels is optimistic,» said Davis on Thursday at a joint press conference with chief negotiator from the EU by Michel Barnier at the end of the fourth round of negotiations on Brexit.

«We agreed on many aspects of social insurance, many aspects related to the rights of citizens,» Davis said.

He stressed that Britain still insists on the principle of reciprocity in this matter.

«The UK believes that in some cases we are for the protection of citizens needs to go beyond the strict requirements of the current EU laws. For example, we invited the European Union to guarantee the right to return to UK European citizens with a residence permit in exchange for the preservation of the right of free movement for British citizens now living in the 27 countries of the EU,» Davis said.

He noted that European citizens after Brexit will be able to apply for new permission to live and work in the UK, and those who have permanent residence permit, «will not have to go through the whole process.»