The doctor told me what to do with the magnetic storm

© Fotolia / rogerphotoВрачи. Archival photoThe doctor told me what to do with the magnetic storm© Fotolia / rogerphoto

When the magnetic storm on people with cardiovascular diseases should need to take medication regularly and to monitor blood pressure, told RIA Novosti the main therapist of Moscow Vladimir Tyurin.

Previously, as reported by the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN), the Land resulted in a powerful magnetic storm, at the moment, the magnetosphere of the Earth is in a state of weak magnetic storm. According to the schedule published on the website of the Laboratory, a strong storm (three points on a scale) lasted from about 6.00 am GMT to 12.00 GMT on September 28.

As told Tyurin, are most susceptible to magnetic storms patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system – coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension.

«Can change blood pressure in one direction or another, can often be pain in the heart, so should take regularly these patients their drugs for pain in the heart, nitroglycerin and monitor the pressure often. That’s all,» — said the expert.