The lawyer told how the interrogation of employees of «Gogol-center»

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi photobacteria in the theater Gogol center. Archival photoThe lawyer told how the interrogation of employees of «Gogol-center»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

On interrogation on the case of artistic Director of «Gogol-center» Kirill Serebrennikov already summoned and interrogated 5-6 employees of the theater, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the «Gogol-center» Dmitry Horst.

Earlier, the poet Igor irtenev on his page on the social network Facebook reported that his daughter Yana, among other actors of the «Gogol-center» summoned for questioning. «Gogol-the centre» confirmed that the actors and employees of theatre were summoned for questioning to the Investigative Committee.

«Interrogation has already been called and interviewed 5-6 people. As for the questions they ask, it is, first and foremost, issues relating to specific events in the framework of the project «Platform», — said Horst.

According to the lawyer, ask about what is the budget of the project, specifically about the play in the framework of this project, about who put who was the author of the script, what scenery was used, what props.

«Of course, was interested in who did the finances and what exactly did pieces of silver. As for the employees of the theatre who answered the questions, they claimed that the pieces of silver dealt only with the artistic part,» explained Horst.

According to the lawyer, it was a very long time, since the «Platform» lasted several years, and the questions dealt with each year and each performance in the project.

Basmanny court of Moscow on August 23 put the artistic Director of «Gogol-center» Serebrennikov under house arrest on charges of fraud. The protection offered to release the Director on bail or surety. The Director is serving house arrest in his apartment on Prechistenka street in Central Moscow. The court allowed the Director at the time of his arrest to visit the theater, but only with the permission of the investigator.

Serebrennikov accused the organization of theft of at least 68 million rubles allocated in 2011-2014 for the project «Platform». The Director has called the charges against him «false and absurd». According to him, the project «Platform» has given many young creative people to develop and «was implemented in full volume».