A network of studios for early swimming: the far East brand with health benefits

© Photo : Aqualectra with a child in the Studio early in the voyageA network of studios for early swimming: the far East brand with health benefits© Photo : Aquaclass

A lawyer by education and a businessman by occupation Sergey Loginov after the birth of his son changed the direction of their work — was opened in Khabarovsk, one of the first studios early swimming for children aged one month to seven years. On the development of a new Far East format offers Wellness facilities and plans to create a Federal network entrepreneur told RIA Novosti.

«The opening of the Studio, I about 10 years was engaged in business. Then my son was born, the wife with the child began to walk in a normal pool next to the house. I came back periodically. In our family, attach great importance to the early development of children, and swimming is very helpful. The idea about health and a proper lifestyle from an early age liked. By the time I had the desire to do some new project and this coincided with an internal request to do something for your child, for the family. This connection of the internal request business and request me greatly transformed», — says Sergey.

In the beginning he, as a businessman, was an interesting challenge. Never had a relationship nor pedagogy, nor to children’s physical education, he delved into literature, the Internet, and found a city where early swimming is well developed.

«This Is Novosibirsk. 1.5 million residents of the city about 70 such studios there, it’s very common, and the penetration level of the product is estimated at 60%. In Khabarovsk the penetration level of the product, according to my estimates, from 3 to 10%. This is the number of parents who use or are willing to use these services», — said Sergey.

«In our Studio, every child is engaged individually, the instructor, mom comes in, passes it into the hands of a master who conducts a little lesson. And mom can devote this time to yourself, either watch the baby through the glass or on TV», — said the businessman.

This form saves time of parents. To the pool with the child takes about two hours, in Studio of the children’s swim hours, 30 minutes allotted for class.

«Our instructors are trained periodically come to us trainers that allows our employees to improve their skills. In addition, in the pool no strangers — only children and instructors. It is an added bonus to the safety — children have the certificate about state of health, and the instructor sanknizhka», — says Sergey.

For small customers in the Studio creates a special microclimate — the air and water of a certain temperature and quality. So, the water temperature is 31-33 degrees, in regular pools 26-28.

Tap water goes through three stages of treatment. The base is run through quartz sand and silver, treated with ultraviolet, then into the water via an automatic station receives the reagents. All the water in the pool is filtered and processed every hour, all in accordance with the norms SanPiN.

From early swimming habits to be healthy

«Children under one year are perfectly adapted to water the child is under the age of six months may reflexively hold its breath under water. The ability to keep your head above water appears in a child of three years. Before this age is swimming under water», — says Sergey.

He stresses that learning to swim is not the main focus of the Studio. The main thing — to form a habit to be healthy.

«We are not only «Pro swimming». Now seek to the system of early development, shaping the way we live. Through swimming lessons, we develop the child’s key Soft skills — through skills such as goal setting, communication, critical thinking, ability to win and lose. We are talking about a comprehensive health — physical, mental, emotional. A healthy person not in the sense of «complete freedom from disease», and in the sense of «able to create»,» — says the entrepreneur.

«Each station geographically covers a radius of 5-10 kilometers, to return need 300 clients. We can work in small markets calm. This is the average level of wealth in small towns, and the main thing here is not material wealth of the family, and the parent culture, their understanding of the importance of investment in the development of the child and his health», — said the businessman.

He hoped that the new studios, which are planned in the cities of the Far East in the future and in the European part of Russia, to help spread healthy habits to be healthy.

A network of studios for early swimming: the far East brand with health benefits