Almost 90% of Russians believe the country’s defense, the survey showed

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in Photobacterium on red square in Moscow. Archival photoAlmost 90% of Russians believe the country’s defense, the survey showed© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Results of research of Fund «Public opinion» indicate that 88% of Russians are confident in the ability of the Armed forces to ensure the security of the country, with 75% of the population surveyed believes that the combat capability of the army increases on the reduction of cases of «bullying» they say 49% of respondents.

The survey was conducted on September 23 and 24 in 104 localities, and 53 subjects of the Russian Federation among 1,5 thousand respondents.

The survey shows that the confidence of Russians in the ability of the Armed forces to ensure the security of the country has grown and is 88% which is 14% more compared to the survey from 24 August 2014, when the data said about 74% of Russians and 39% in comparison with the survey from 7 April 2013, when only 49% of respondents expressed such confidence.

According to the study, there is an increase in positive assessments of the combat power of the Russian army, according to 75% of Russians fighting capacity of the army is increased, whereas, according to the poll of 24 April 2014, this was 64% of respondents, and the study of April 7, 2013 only 38% of Russians expressed a similar opinion.

Thus, according to the study, more than half of Russians (56%) believe that the situation in the army excellent or good, 24% — satisfied with the situation, while 15% were undecided and only 5% of respondents said the situation is bad.

The confidence of Russians in this part of the survey, according to the study, also increased in comparison with the survey of February 17, 2013, while only 9% of respondents called the situation «great and good», 42% — «satisfactory» and 16% «undecided» and 32% of respondents felt the situation is bad.

That the media objectively reflect the situation in the armed forces believe 52% of Russians, talking about bias 26% of respondents, while 22% were undecided, according to the study.

A separate research question: «do you have experience of service in the army or no such experience» were asked only of men (answer only 45% of respondents) suggests that 29% of respondents had such experience, while 16% answered negatively and less than 1% were undecided.

According to the study, 49% of Russians believe that «hazing» in the army was less than 5-10 years ago, and 33% were undecided, 15% of respondents believe that nothing has changed and only 4% believe that «bullying» has become more.

«Bullying» is an informal hierarchical system of relations in a closed or semi-closed group, based on discrimination on the term it is a form of hazing.