ASA «buried» upper stage after launch of the satellite AsiaSat-9

© Photo : state Corporation «ROSCOSMOS» Start of the carrier rocket. Archive photoASA «buried» upper stage after launch of the satellite AsiaSat-9© Photo : state Corporation «ROSCOSMOS»

The specialists of the Space forces, VKS took the upper stage «breeze-M», which brought to a given point, the satellite AsiaSat-9, so-called a storage orbit, told reporters on Friday at the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

«Specialists of the Main test space center (GICC). G. S. Titov Space forces, VKS had conducted operations for the disposal of the upper stage «breeze-M» with a target geostationary orbit telecommunications spacecraft «AsiaSat-9″ (AsiaSat-9) on the so-called a storage orbit,» — said in the message.

This was done due to the two inclusions of the propulsion system to impart a booster unit pulses required for the withdrawal of «Breeze» orbit at an altitude of more than 34 thousand kilometers at perigee and more than 35 thousand kilometers at apogee.

It is noted that after the withdrawal of the upper stage «breeze-M» into orbit of burial of the specialists of the Centre of space control of Space forces VKS has made information about it in the main catalog of space objects of the Russian System of space control.

AsiaSat-9 — geostationary telecommunications satellites high power, it will replace launched in 2003, the satellite AsiaSat-4 in the orbital position of 122 degrees East and will provide television broadcasting and telecommunications services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The satellite, weighing 6 thousand 140 pounds set at 28 transponders C-band and 32 transponders in Ku-band, as well as regional module Ka-band.

Unlike its predecessor, the new satellite has three additional coverage for Myanmar, Indonesia and Mongolia.