Catalonia is ready for the referendum on 1 October

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Sunday 5.3 million Catalans will vote in a referendum on the region’s independence from Spain, said at a press conference in Barcelona, the official representative of Generalitat Jordi Turul.

2315 will be open polling stations, they will work from 9 am to 20 PM. Their work will provide 7.2 thousand volunteers.

Only electoral lists five million 343 thousand 358 people.

According to the representative of Generalitat, «volunteers will be able to guarantee that everything will work fine». «Let’s all be calm, all will be able to vote,» said the Turul.

The government of Catalonia is going to hold the 1st of October, the referendum on independence, which does not recognize the Spanish government. Spain’s constitutional court suspended all documents regarding the vote taken by Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament. Thus, the court declared all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum illegal.

According to polls, the independence of Catalonia supports 41% of the population of the Autonomous community, 49% oppose. For a referendum on the status of the Autonomous community are 80% of Catalans, but most of them believe that voting should be coordinated with the Central authorities in Madrid.

Catalonia is ready for the referendum on 1 OctoberThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona