Chinese physicists have conducted the first Intercontinental «teleportation»

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Palaniyappan information between the nodes of quantum communication in the representation of the artistChinese physicists have conducted the first Intercontinental «teleportation»© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Polyanina

. Physicists from China and Austria used the first quantum communication satellite «Mo-zi» for the implementation of the first Intercontinental teleportation of particles and session conferencing, protected at the quantum level, the press service of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

«A year after the launch of the «Mo Tzu», we were able to implement three important steps towards creating a «quantum Internet.» We were able to transfer quantum keys from the satellite to the Earth at a distance of 1200 kilometers, to relate two different points on the surface of the planet at a similar distance, and also to conduct the first experiments on the orbital quantum teleportation. Because of this, we 20 times improved quality when compared to fiber-optic systems,» said Chinese scientists.

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is the basis of modern quantum technologies. This phenomenon, in particular, plays an important role in the systems of secure quantum communication – this system completely exclude the possibility of invisible «wiretapping» due to the fact that the laws of quantum mechanics prohibit «cloning» the state of the light particles. In the present system of quantum communication are being actively developed in Europe, in China, in the United States.

In recent years, scientists from Russia and foreign countries have created dozens of systems of quantum communication, the nodes which can communicate over large distances, representing about 200-300 kilometers. All attempts to expand these networks to the international and Intercontinental level, are faced with insurmountable difficulties associated with the way light fades when moving through an optical fiber.

For this reason, a team of scientists thinking about the transfer of quantum communication systems at «space» level, exchanging information via satellite, allowing to restore or strengthen «invisible link» between entangled photons. The first spacecraft of this kind is already present in orbit – it is the Chinese satellite «Mo Tzu», bred into space in August 2016.

Today this moon as the press service of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was first used for practical purposes. Chunli Bai (Bai Chunli) President KAHN, and Anton Zeilinger (Anton Zeilinger), head of the Academy of Sciences of Austria, held the first session of the Intercontinental «quantum» video that is protected from tampering by using encryption keys transmitted with the help of «Mo zi».

To conduct this experiment, Chinese scientists have combined satellite quantum communication channels with existing terrestrial quantum network linking Beijing, Shanghai and several other Chinese cities. A similar network was built between Vienna and Graz, where the station space quantum communication. These networks and «Mo-Tzu» have helped physicists to establish a link between Beijing and Vienna, where the heads of the academies of Sciences.

In the near future, according to the press service of the KAN, Chinese scientists will conduct similar experiments with participation of colleagues from Russia, Singapore, Italy and Germany.