Designer Chapurin told to the participants of the youth Festival

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomonster festival of youth and students at the site of the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok. Archival photoDesigner Chapurin told to the participants of the youth Festival© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Russian fashion designer Igor Chapurin, who created the equipment for the participants and staff of the world festival of youth and students, told RIA Novosti that stood before him the task «to create a complete semantic image of» uniting young and energetic people.

Festival of youth and students held in Russia from 14 to 22 October. In Sochi will be attended by over 20 thousand visitors from more than 180 countries.

«I’m glad that it was not only the Ambassador but also the official designer WFMS-2017 and created a new concept of equipment for participants, volunteers and staff of the festival. The task is quite ambitious — to create a complete visual range, comprising young and energetic people. For me it was important that, despite the fact that participants, volunteers, organizers and guests of the clothing will be distinguished by its design, going to the same area during the program, they form a single semantic image,» said Chapurin.

The designer noted that the equipment will meet the requirements of the time: «modern, bright, conceptual and, of course, very comfortable.»

Form created primarily from natural fabrics, primarily cotton, so it will allow all participants of the festival «feel as easy and free».

The key technique in the design of the forms became a contrasting color combinations: yellow and green, pink and red, blue and blue. Basic kits include Polo, baseball caps, hoodies, parkas, vests and backpacks. Staff and volunteers working at the festival also receive a special windbreakers that for the comfort of all guests of Sochi-2017 will be visible from afar.

«Separate sets» provided for members of official delegations WFMS that will be dressed in comfortable jackets, and if it becomes cool and soft, branded scarfs-snudy.

«We tried to make the form very cheerful, because it aims to unite participants from around the world,» said Chapurin.